2018 Hluhluwe

9 X – 10 XI 2018, Haus Gallery

The focus of the exhibition is on perished / decayed forest. To gain new inspiration, the artist visited territories where forest, which was cultivated as a crop, grew on an area of hundreds and thousands of square kilometres. But the activator was another type of nature – far away from the world of stylists and navigators from artificial environment, Elken redefined his position as an author, which is now declared as solid lands and stone deserts.

Whitish and indigo black large forests, destroyed by excess humidity, are at least as inspiring creative platforms as the fire-devoured ecological catastrophe epicentres, with their armies of charred cinders.  I can get excited by a dried up, ragged piece of tree; the brutal life force of nature lives its afterlife in these forms before final destruction and fading. The connection with eternity, the presence of a physical substance as a “recycled” material could be surprisingly expressed by a sedimentary rock – I have seen Creole architecture, in which the fully “abstract” surface of the limestone wall blocks suddenly shows fossil “figurativeness” and millions of years of history become visible in an omnipresent way!

Being on the road has been my author’s position as an artist for decades already, both in its literal and indirect meaning; in addition to straight pathways, I also appreciate the logic and rhythm expressed in complex urban structures; in addition to natural rock deserts, I also consider urban conglomerates as grand. As an artist who values the methods of abstract art most highly, I want to be the (re)creator of textures/forms similar to natural forms – not an imitator. Freedom and independence of the artist’s creations in today’s world is of course simply illusory – we refer to and interpret existing art codes through the cultural memory in one way or another, even if, as individuals, we obtain existential depth from the archetypal collective subconsciousness and believe in the uniqueness of an artist’s style.”


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List of paintings exhibited

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high | akrüül, kollaaž, lõuend / acrylic, collage, canvas | 135 X 150 | 2017/2018

Somewhere over the rainbow | akrüül, kollaaž, lõuend / acrylic, collage, canvas | 135 X 150 | 2017/2018

Hluhluwe II | akrüül, kollaaž, lõuend / acrylic, collage, canvas | 135 X 150 | 2018

Raagus sõnad / Bare words | akrüül, kollaaž, lõuend / acrylic, collage, canvas | 135 X 150 | 2018

Hluhluwe I | akrüül, lõuend / acrylic, canvas |135 X 150 | 2018

Lendab üle pimeduse / Flying over darkness | akrüül, kollaaž, lõuend / acrylic, collage, canvas | 135 X 150 | 2017

Süsi ja vikerkaar / charcoal and rainbow | akrüül, kollaaž, lõuend / acrylic, collage, canvas | 135 x 150 | 2018

Nevada testiala I / nevada test site I | akrüül, kollaaž, lõuend / acrylic, collage, canvas | 135 X 150 | 2017/2018


The exhibition is supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia.