A day after

Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia 2011

A day after … After what? The one who surfs in the contemporary world, influenced everywhere by media, is expected to react fast and accurately; tomorrow’s news will annihilate today’s efforts. Are the bursting volcanoes and the quickly changing climate of yesterday preparing us for the landslides of tomorrow? Don’t you think that today’s intensity of reality, the multitude of catastrophes and anticipation of catastrophes (as a business for somebody) are strangely synchronized with the numerous apocalyptic visions about the end of the world by the Hollywood film industry?
—Is it because of the meditative qualities of artists’s profession that artists are allowed to peep into the future; perhaps artwork has the abilities to visualize the future?
What I know for sure is that text is more permanent than picture (texts will last longer because of their printed copies). I trust texts.
Nothing much will be left of the mortal man after his death; things with agreed value for future will be probably preserved. For instance, a body of a wealthy person conserved in liquid krypton has a theoretical possibility to be preserved.

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