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27.06 – 16.07.2016, Gallery Draakon, Tallinn, Estonia

Abstract art has an unlimited potential for narratives – text fragments become inundated in a labyrinth of lines and brush strokes. One could view this as an attempt to articulate concept and imagery in their primal form or even a meditation process – proceeding from complexity towards increased simplicity. The connotations and emotions that are created in individual viewers are an unknown for me; at the same time, the temporal ambivalence of painting fascinates me, I know for sure that the effort does not disappear in a black hole, this tension is recorded some place. Reaching towards an undefined public, “reply to all” becomes a way of multiple responses and translations among the viewers, with their individual life stories as a premise.

Some aspects in my paintings are anyhow muted, others become accentuated to the extreme, sometimes even overpolished, this subjectivity is a virtue of abstract art. Viewing both text and visual imagery engages the viewer through multiple sensory processes – as a viewer and as a narrator.

The exhibition for me is a cumulative signpost – the specific tone of the narrative becomes a reality in the exhibition hall, even as the paintings also involve a more purposeful and even architectonic zest. In this construction work I engage with humanity as the main building block, where acrylic paint becomes a form of breathing; warmth becomes a catalyst for documenting expressions. All my exhibitions are personal, perhaps a result of the chosen medium, making everything public. Perhaps this is what distinguishes an artist from everyone else.

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