2013 Havana, revisited

Havana, revisited

Architecture and Design Gallery, Tallinn 2013

Havana city’s appearance in general is shabby; yet, the dilapidated or uselessly standing gems of architectural heritage speak their own symbolic language – and no one can make them silent. Architecture reveals current propaganda; the lifestyle of the formerly happy and flourishing city can be sensed through its rich decor and the art deco 2000 seat movie theatres that still look elegant with their greasy chairs and spacious entrance halls. Also, the expressiveness of the imposing terrazzo flooring encrusted with metal logos by the former night club and publishing house comes to mind, not to speak about the facades made of black and red polished marble.
The place is for those wanting to experience the weird feeling of time travel – it seems that you are witnessing a reconstruction of a little piece of lost world where the dramatic remains of American household equipment and car industry, all of these dating back definitely to 1950s, are being represented.

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