Strawberry fields forever

Deportation years in Siberia 1949–1957. Lodgings at Ferma Krasnaja (Balakhtinsky Sovkhos, Daursk Region, Krasnoyarsk Krai), with mother digging in the field.

2013, Vabaduse Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

Exhibition was “a double exposure” or projection of several past layers – paintings were based on my early childhood memories, combined with ambivalent experiences as a teenager toward selected Beatles soundtracks (sweetened with nostalgia and sounds similar to those one can  hear at funerals)

Those memories, or more correctly even memories of the memories, were supported by a set of enlarged family photos displayed at the exhibition, depicting landscapes where the best years of the lives of my parents went by  – namely the deportation years in Siberia 1949–1957.

If you wish, those fields from the past can be called my Strawberry Fields.



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