2014 Back to hyper-reality 2

13 June  – 6 July 2014 |  Tallinn Art Hall Gallery

For an artist, the concept of reality is intriguing and deviates slightly from the understanding of reality/actuality in everyday language. One could say that the imagery system used by the painter (brushstrokes, colouring, etc.), certain characteristic methods for constructing the pictorial reality and aesthetic propaganda are the painter’s reality, actuality or hyper-reality.

The feelings of alienation borne by the wastelands of the suburbs have been replaced by the vast expanses of the Internet and virtual reality; the options for defining one’s own place and space have increased explosively. Rap texts, by commenting on reality and human relations with an adequate capacity for generalisation, have become a single global folk poetry, which, with its own furnishings/richness of content has started to fill our mental world. The opportunities provided by the virtual world for the creation of cultural palimpsests/hybrids are rapid and precise; the Estonian-language physical reality may sometimes seem homespun or even disabled.

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